Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cattle Press - Hordes to Abolish the Divine

Staten Island's heavy-as-shit head hammerers roars triumphant with eleven mass-loaded tracks of metallic, doom implosion. Features ex-members of Slap A Ham recording crushers IABHORHER.

You need this in your collection, trust me.



Get Bent "Demo"

Not really an upload so to speak, but I love this band, and their demo is freely available on the internet via another sweet website called if you make it, but sharing is caring and spreading awareness about incredible bands is ultimately why I signed up to do this whole blog thing, so check this out.

Dudes from NY. Reminds me of Piebald and Small Brown Bike kinda. Vocals very Piebald. Love it!

Make with the DL.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Remember the late 90's when that whole resurgence of post indie rock everyone called "emo"? And remember how every band wanted to have that sound...

That's basically what you have here. Although it was like 2002.

I got in the mood of finding a bunch of old local bands and came across this. I had the privilege to play many of shows with these fine gents.

Starcrossed was from Kent, Ohio and threw in a nice balance of singy rock with a bit of screaming in the background.

Track list:
1. fiesta
2. bending
3. epic

Bossk ".2" EP

UK based Neurosis/Isis/Cult of Luna styled stuff. This is their 2nd EP, which features my favorite Bossk song.

These guys recently called it quits but have all of their collected releases (2 EP's and a dvd I believe...) as part of a 3 disc box set. so if you dig this, I strongly urge you go pick that up.

Make With The DL.
RFTC, the followup to their major-label debut Scream, Dracula, Scream. After all, diversity isn't Rocket from the Crypt's bag -- they just love rock & roll, baby, and all of the sleaze, leather, booze, bikes and babes that come with it. Before, they kept raw by producing their own records, but here they hired an outside producer in Kevin Shirley, who previously worked with Journey. There's not a trace of Journey on RFTC, but Shirley has given the band a bigger, glossier sound that may distress longtime followers, who were into the whole MC5/Stooges/Stones biker vibe of the earlier albums.

I totally copied that from allmusic



Goatsnake - Trampled Under Hoof

Although this is an EP, only three of the disc’s five tracks are new. From the sludge that hits you on the first note of “Portraits of Pain,” it is clear that Goatsnake is moving away from simple stoner rock and into something much heavier. Anderson’s guitar is tuned down into the realm of muck and mire. As with previous releases, Pete Stahl’s vocals are perfect for this type of music - completely intelligible, but solid. “Black Cat Bone” picks up the pace a bit before progressing into the nine-minute epic “Juniors Jam.” The faint strains of a harmonica coupled with animal sounds near the end of the song serves as a nice break before the two covers on the EP.

Neither of the cover songs are new - they are just a bit harder to come by in the Goatsnake catalogue. Both were recorded with the band’s original lineup still intact. Up first is a cover of Saint Vitus’ “Burial at Sea” which also appeared on the group’s split with Burning Witch from 2000. The tastiest offering on Trampled Under Hoof is easily “Hot Rod” - a cover of a Black Oak Arkansas song from 1973’s Raunch & Roll Live. This gem is probably unknown by younger fans, but Goatsnake created an absolutely stellar rendition for their final track.



DEVOLA - Playing the Game of Revenge and Winning Every Time (Mountain Sixteen)

This is brutal, spastic stuff here. Devola play that crazy grindcore/powerviolence sound but do it with a bit of noisy artsyness while they comment on social and politcal issues of importance. Think Brutal Truth, Monster X, and Deadguy.

track list:
1. 238/219
2. Red Light Thought
3. The Prozac Equation
4. This One Hurts
5. Exit Wounds
6. The Ultimate Plan
7. True Crime
8. Never to be Forgotten
9. Walking on Eggshells
10. Remembering Insignificance
11. Real Men Don't Wear White Hats
12. Well-Oiled Machine
13, Almost Negated
14. For A Cause
15 Pigeon Fight

BUCKET FULL OF TEETH - I,II,III (Youth Attack Records

The stunted bastard avant-grind brainchild from members of Orchid, Wolves, Ampere and Anton Bordman is ready to rear it's ugly head one more Formed in Early 2001 by Brad Wallace and Will Killingsworth, both former members of Orchid, Bucket Full of Teeth was conceived as a friendly venture in playing generic powerviolence but instantaneosly evolved into much more. The band quickly become more interested in pushing conventions of heavy music and punk rock, and in 2002 released 3 7"s simultaneously as a first attempt at personal experimentation and musical destruction.

track list:

1. It's A Set Up
2. Conditioned Response

3. Selective Amnesia

4. These Frequencies Are Ours

5. Self-induced Coma

6. If Everything Has A Price Then Nothing Has Value

7. Grind In A Tin Can

8. Pies In The I.v.

9. Dreams Of Dead Bosses

10. Sickened

11. Wake Up

12. Standing On Top Of A Mountain

13. Hollow

14. Exit Only

15. Psychosis

16. 23 Reasons To Play Grindcore

17. Coughing Up Wires

18. Empty Dreams

19. Empty Faces

20. Raised On Failure

21. Lost Keys

22. Null

23. Technical Desires

24. Dark Colossus

25. It's Heatin' Up

26. Listen:

27. Here's Your Warning

28. Morizar

29. Forktie Response

30. Broadcast

31. Anger Or Convenience?

32. Basic Delusions

33. 11302

34. Blast For Humanity


Find Him and Kill Him - Cut Them to Pieces

Find Him And Kill Him is a San Diego thrash band that mixes fast pissed off music with biting social whit.  A band that names themselves from of a movie like memento is definitely one worth listening to. For fans of American Nightmare, 9 Shocks Terror, A.N.S and Infest.

Track Listing
1. lets put the end in friend
2. excuses are what got us into this mess
3. the born loser wins again
4. the worst shit i ever heard
5. slaughtered and consumed
6. picard would be pissed
7. sunday morning at nunu's
8. waiting for the other shoe to drop
9. good hair, shitty people
10. robbed
11. cut them to pieces
12. thank you american express
13. punk is forever

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh Christmas Ale

GUILTMAKER - Driven By Arms (Kiss of Death Records 2006)

Guiltmaker is a fantastic post-hardcore indie rock band featuring members from such hardcore acts as Early Grace, Reversal of Man, and Combat Wounded Veteran.

Guiltmaker's surprise is that their sound could not be more different from those names than it actually is. Melodic, sometimes melancholic but always sympathic...

Track List:
1. Connected
2. Silent Eyes
3. The Current
4. Mark The Walls


God Is An Astronaut - Far From Refuge

post rock from Ireland. I suggest listening to this record at FULL volume. This is the fourth album from the trio. The musical talent of this band is mind blowing. For fans of Explosion in the Sky, Mono, and other Space-Rock bands that I'm not indie enough to know about.

Track Listing
1. Radau
2. Far From Refuge
3. Sunrise in Aries
4. Grace Descending
5. New Years End
6. Darkfall
7. Tempus Horizon
8. Lateral Noise
9. Beyond the Dying Light

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Replacements "Tim" Re-Issue

Here's my first post. No introductions to this band should ever be needed.

This is, however, one of those new fangled re-issue discs that has a bunch of "previously unreleased stuff" (though a bigger MATS fan tells me none of this is really anything new). There's an acoustic outtake of "Can't Hardly Wait" with different lyrics that absolutely floors me every single time I hear it. Enjoy!

dl. right now.

Hot Snakes - Thunder Down Under

The formula for the Hot Snakes’ Thunder Down Under is pretty simple: Take all the band’s best songs, shift them into overdrive, and play them as tightly as possible for a live session on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

In the relatively short lifespan of the Hot Snakes, John Reis of Rocket from the Crypt and Drive Like Jehu’s Eric Froberg were one of the most potent duos in music. The two were the driving force behind the band’s immaculate style of hardcore garage punk, and their collective genius shines through on the live radio performance. From “Braintrust” to “Hi-Lites” to “Retrofit,” the band relentlessly pounds through their high-intensity songs nearly flawlessly.

Froberg walks a seamless line between snotty melodic yelling, and unchained emotion. The band hits their peak with the mesmerizing “Plenty for All,” with dreamy guitar playing juxtaposed against pounding drums and Froberg’s shouts of “Southern California, let's go! There's room for us all.” Thunder Down Under also offers up two songs not on their full-lengths, “U.S. Mint” and the impromptu off-key “Rock N’ Roll Will Never Die,” the one track that doesn’t perfectly hit home.

The only problem with Thunder Down Under is that it was released posthumously, and the music community is no longer graced with the Hot Snakes’ presence. Even so, Thunder Down Under is a fitting end to a band who deserves every bit of success and acclaim they received, and should have gotten more. As long as this disc is available, we can be certain that it’s true: “rock 'n’ roll will never die."


Early Man - Closing In

Just a couple of dudes from Columbus, Ohio thrashing their way through vintage metal. Nods to Iron Maiden, voice like Ozzy. Nothing over the top, but a fun listen.


Fifth Hour Hero - Not Revenge...Just a Vicious Crush (No Idea Records)

Prior to this release, Fifth Hour Hero's music reeked of potential like a motorcycle that'd been shipped in parts. The individual pieces were flashy enough when unassembled, but the whole wasn't ready to take off and roar on its own. Well, on Not Revenge... Just a Vicious Crush, it appears the Canadian quartet have done some assembly work: They've welded the bright-eyed abandon of Discount to the romantic melancholia of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy-era Jawbreaker, and powered it all with the stratospheric, we-die-together euphoria of Hot Water Music circa No Division. The result is a seamless combination of male/female melodies, and a wide-open musical throttle that roars on its own fuel from the first note and doesn't stop.


I SPOKE - A Collective Journey

Joe and I put this cd out on our record label years back. The label was called DS RECORDS. This was labeled as our 5th release somehow. Although I only recall putting out 1 other thing prior to this.

I Spoke is a hardcore/scream band from Toronto, Canada.
for fans of You and I, Saetia, etc..

track list:
1. a firefly tree
1. instrumental one

MY RULEZ - Summer 2008 EP

track listing
1. no reason
2. get off the tracks
3. promise land
4. serve and protect
5. x marks the gang

SPREAD THE DISEASE - We Bleed From Many Wounds (Eulogy Recordings)

Black metal hardcore from the icy caves of Canada. Fast, heavy, tight guitar riffing, with high-pitched black metal style vocals. Vikings in Canada, Eh?... who knew?

track list:
1. Quarantine

2. In Progress We Swallow

3. Her Severed Head

4. Shatter The Bolt

5. Hymn For The Unheard

6. Origin

7. Ephemerae

8. A Love Song

9. Common Grounds

SWALLOWING SHIT - Anthology (G7 Welcoming Committee 2000)

An anthology commemorating the legendary, and now sadly defunct, political-grind maniacs, SWALLOWING SHIT. Probably one of the most intense and extreme musical projects ever to come out of Winnipeg, the SWALLOWING SHIT line-up featured past and present members of PROPAGANDHI, I SPY, MALEFACTION, HEAD HITS CONCRETE, and SILENCE EQUALS.

This compilation includes their two seven-inches and all the comp tracks they ever recorded. All remastered and compiled on one conviently blistering, blasting, blaring, compact disc.

Includes the smash hit "If Assholes Could Fly, This Place Would Be An Airport" and the unforgettable "Christian Metal = Nazi Reggae."

track list:
1. Lyrics That May Offend the Honkys
2. Burn Winnipeg to the Fucking Ground
3. If Assholes Could Fly, This Place Would Be An Airport
4. Pro-Abortion, Anti-Christ
5. A Dying Hope for a Gender Exclusive Scene
6. I May be P.C. (whatever the fuck that means), But You're a Goddamn Poseur
7. More Lyrics That May Offend the Honkys
8. You're Not Old School, You're Just Old
9. Christian Metal = Nazi Reggae
10. Riel
11. I Heard Songs About Animal Rights Aren't Cool Anymore
12. Ruins
13. If They Hated Me, They Will Hate You
14. Scathe
15. Overcome By...


a very awesome mix tape!

Side One
1.The End Result Of 11 Months In A Mental Hospital - His Hero Is Gone
2.Implications Of A Sinkhole Personality - Portraits Of Past
3.Fai Finta Di Non Girati - La Quiete
4.Thanks For The Candy - Constatine Sankathi
5.Bled Dry - Econochrist
6.Bent Over Backwards - Brother Inferior
7.Fist Full Of Lies - Sawhorse
8.Kick In The South - Damad
9.Nine Years Later - Born Against
10.A Song About Love - Still Life
11....And The Cat Turned To Smoke - Orchid

Side Two
1.Touch The Wings Of An Angel; Doesn't Mean You Can Fly (Live) - Indian Summer
2.Be Seeing You At Camp Delta - Baader Brains
3.Murder In His Eyes - CombatWoundedVeteran
4.Parthenon - Ordianation Of Aaron
5.Voices Resound - Sinaloa
6.Biggy, Shorty, Fatty, And Friends (Live) - Brainworms
7.Daddy's Little Girl - Bikini Kill
8. Cinderblock - Soophie Nun Squad
9.One Gallon Alda - Maximillian Colby
10.Regardless We Fall - Funeral Diner
11.End - Julia

MOSS ICON - Lyburnum

Here is the Moss Icon discography (for the most part, excluding the split lp w/ Silver Bearings). This Cd shows the transformation of this east coast based punk band into the emo "ish" styles found in such mass appeal (corrupted too) today. The songs become longer and artier which is a good thing here as the cd progresses. this doesn't include side b of the ebulliton/verminscum lp. A solid listen. The guitarist went on to be in Universal Order of Amrageddon (discog on Kill Rock Stars).

track list:
1. Mirror
2. I'm Back Sleeping or Fucking or Something
3. The Life
4. Divinity Cove
5. Locket
6. Kick the Can
7. Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly
8. End Liberation Fly
9. Cricketty Rise (Haverton Roads Browns and Greens)
10. As Afterwards the Words Still Ring Happy (Unbounded Glory)
11. Guatemala
12. Memorial
13. Moth
14. Gravity

(YOUNG) PIONEERS - First Viginia Volunteers (Vermiform Records)

Legendary Folk Punk band from Richmond, Viginia.

track list:
1. Food Stamps
2. White Like Me
3. Battlefield National Park
4. Older & Poorer
5. Murder Has No Tongue
6. Raid On Kensington Avenue
7. ('_____')
8. The Right To Remain Silent
9. The Whereabouts Of Johnny Gosh
10. I'm So Afraid Of Getting Cancer
11. Evidence Indicating Other Than Suicide
12. Red Tick Coonhound
13. Brazen Hell
14. Joy Kills Sorrow
15. Take The Fifth
16. Days Of the Wolves
17. Now I Feel Much Safer

CAVE-IN -Beyond Hypothermia (HydraHead 1998)

Need i say more?
Classic Album. Classic Band.

track list:
1. Crossbearer
2. Chameleon
3. Capsize
4. Stoic
5. Programmed Behind
6. Flypaper
7. Mitigate
8. Pivotal
9. Ritual Famine
10. Crambone

WATER MUSIC comp (Just Add Water Records)

track listing:
1. The Queers - I Met Her at the Rat
2. The Campfire Girls - Alien Among Us
3. Beatnik Termites - 9:15
4. The Nobody's - Vaseline and a Magazine
5. Boris The Sprinkler 0 Goddamn Rollerbladers
6. Slinky - American Dream
7. Moral Crux - SIngle Bullet Homicide
8. Toast - Milla
9. Parasites - I Don't Wanna Go Out With You
10. The Rehabs - Cynical Girl
11. Sinkhole - Wild Stag
12. Scooby Don't - Valentine
13. Pink Lincoln - Fuck Madonna

THE EXPLODER - This Sound Starts Right Now (Reptilian Records)

Are they hardcore? Are they emo? How about post-punk? ...Screamo? They are all of these and much more. They are THE EXPLODER, and they fucking ROCK. Blasting out of Richmond VA, this band shreds with a killer live show and amazing songwriting dynamics. Creative, chaotic, melodic, abrasive, passionate, energetic, they will make you rethink your musical assumptions. They will defy your catagorizations while they rock you into a frenzy. They have been compared to Sleepytime Trio, Maximillian Colby, Boy Sets Fire, Fugazi, and Rites Of Spring-- yet they deliver their intensity with a sound that is uniquely their own. "..this stuff is inspiring.

Track Listing
1. Living Breathing
2. Decision
3. Walk Away
4. Dedicated to the Memory of...
5. Hold Your Breath
6. Jane Grey
7. Ceremony for a Fat Lip
8. Go
9. Lost It
10. These Eyes, These Hands
11. Outstro

FILTHY THIEVING BASTARDS- A Melody of Retreads and Broken Quills (BYO Records 2001)

this fifteen song full length continues in the folk/punk styled tradition of The Pogues and the Swingin' Utters. The Filthy Thieving Bastards are the brainchild of Johnny and Darius of street punk legends The Swingin Utters. The all star cast of members includes bassist Spike (Me First And The Gimme Gimmes lead vocalist) and guitarist Greg Lisher from the infamous Camper Van Beethoven.

track list:
1. Death is Not the End
2. Counterfeit Cassius Clay
3. Mountain Tomb
4. Gene and Jean
5. Wasting Away
6. Between the Lines
7. After Thoughts
8. Bitter Old Son
9. Trolly's Sum
10. Waltzing in My Spew
11. Wait By The Door
12, Grave Me
13. The Killing Kind
14. Aberfan
15. An Otherwise Sunny Day