Saturday, February 28, 2009

Splinter 10"

originally posted on from our good friend Jeff Grey.

Ah, Splinter. Days of Canton YMCA shows, big pants, small wheels, Kent. A friend of mine once described them as "hardcore meets early Slayer." Fair enough. I videotaped them once at Peabody's Down Under with Snapcase in 93? The tape was reused by an old roommate to tape golf :(
6 degrees..Bass player dated Angry Jill's roommate, drummer dated my upcoming wedding's Maid-of-Honor. Larry, the vocalist, was a member of the Crunchface fanzine staff, and later went onto to Unholy 3, Don Austin, etc. I saw Larry at Annabelle's a couple of weeks ago and it sparked my memory of this album.
Some people may recognize the track "Three" as the weirdly titled song on the Dark Empire Strikes Back cd comp (thank goodness I made the video version before my roomies taped over their set with Lee Trivino.) I guess the track name on that comp was the text written on the DAT tape sent to the "label."
I don't know how many of them were pressed, but I remember ordering it straight from the label via an MRR ad. I remember the shipping packaging was thin and beat up, but thankfully the contents were not, other then the cover being slightly bent. Sound samples were frequently used during this era, and not persecuted. I've never seen an other copy of this record; weird.
I could tell you how much I like this record, but I'll let you judge for yourself. It's the first LP I've ripped and shared with my new turntable, so that's a clue.
Satan, Satan, poop.