Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kittens "Bazooka and the Hustler"

Thanks to Chrissy for sending this to me to upload. This is for the Blackest of Edwards!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Burned Up Bled Dry "Cloned Slaves For Slaves"

Wanna know where Backstabbers, Inc. seemingly drew a great deal of inspiration from? This band would be it! A great blend of metal, grind, and hardcore music to come up with something that can appeal to fans of all three genres.

"These boys are from Arkansas and apparently their idea of Southern Hospitality is to rip your face off with their ferocious grind. I'm still trying to figure out what I am going to do without my face.... BURNED UP BLED DRY's brand of core is an equal mixture of aggression and heaviness. Their punishing onslaught of noise pays homage to the blistering devastation of early 80's hate-core but their delivery is far more in the vein of nineties grindcore. One of the most appealing things about the record is the fact that the tunes, while not sacrificing one iota of power, manage to have some (dare I say it?) hooks. Southern Fried power violence? Could be, you know how them kids from the South are..." - In Music We Trust

You can still get this 7" off of Interpunk, so I suggest going and doing that, since the once dormant band is now active and playing shows again. Click here to order the 7"! It's only $4.50!

Make Things Go!

Monday, January 12, 2009

CEREMONY - Violence Violence

I'm taking a late pass on this band. I dont know why i havent listened to this band earlier. I always heard kids on messageboards talk about them. but i usually tend to shrug off most of the "newer hardcore" bands.

Hailing from the Bay area, this is one pissed off band. And I LOVE IT!
If Black Flag and Integrity had a bastard love child i think it would be CEREMONY.
Crank this album up and break some dishes, furniture, or throw light bulbs against the wall.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Death Wish Kids - Discography

this contains the 7" and their demo.

The Death Wish Kids spanned from 1994-1996 Releasing only one 7’’ entitled There’s Nothing in School They Can’t Teach you on the Street, then later releasing a demo 7’‘. Their amazing power and ferocity were off the map, truly one of the most aggressive bands of all time.

Members went on to Area 51, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and Golden Ticket.

The Evil Queens - Lovesong Werewolves

With three previous albums under their belts, a distinct lack of fluffy ballads, and full-blown bar band bombast, The Evil Queens’ latest, Lovesong Werewolves is chock full of pulsing, chugging guitars that three-chord their way through lo-fi landscapes. Steadfast drumming rolls behind lead singer Jacob Sundermeyer’s impassioned alternations between lyrical droning and impassioned screaming. More substance over style, The Evil Queens may find their brand of guitar-heavy, cerebral groove rock that finds its niche with a whiskey-swigging, hipster intellectual crowd.
This is some awesome rock and roll from Columbus, Ohio. Give it a listen.