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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Layin Waste - Demo

Ok ok, my triumphant return results in this impressive demo from the Doylestown powerhouse known as Layin' Waste. They list their influences as Entombed, Metallica, Sepultura, Crowbar, and Life of Agony. If that isn't enough to get you pumped, then fuck it all.

Also, sorry for the lack of posts. I've been unemployed and on a perpetual search for a god-damned job.



Monday, April 27, 2009

lack of posts .... still alive

first off thanks to Jason for posting some stuff lately. there has been a lack of posts on my part for some reasons. possibly the same goes for Joe.

a few weeks ago, the house we rent (joe lives above me in the same house), was foreclosed and we are being forced to move out ASAP. So, there has been a lot going on with the both of us, due to trying to find a new place to live. never fear, i'll be back at it as soon as i get settled into my new place.

thank you for visiting out blog. hope you come back every now and again.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hex Machine - Mas Omen

Ok, so I totally stole this link from the fine people over at Elementary Revolt. If you haven't visited this blog, please do... they have a fine collection of music there.

Hex Machine are a long-running project out of Virginia.. noise rock filth of the highest caliber. I know right now there’s a small current of bands that are championing the AmRep sound, and I’m happy about that. Though I think Hex Machine might win the title for hitting it square between the eyes, what with it’s early 90’s feedback-laden, fuzzy recording. The early Today Is the Day screeches and howls, seething vocals and tortured rhythms are most noticeable. The pounding fuzz of old Hammerhead records beat to shit acting as a conduit for Hex machine’s playing, and their daily worship at the alter of Halo Of Flies... it’s all there. They eat Guzzard for breakfast and shit out The Cows at the end of the day. And for all that I applaud them. It’s a bitter, pissed off listen that hurts in a good way. Somewhere Tom Hazelmeyer is shooting off a rifle in their honor. (thanks fellas at Elementary Revolt for this. It may be one of my newer favorite albums.)


Monday, April 13, 2009

Sicko - You Can Feel the Love In This Room

With this new craze of "pop-punk" underway, I figured I'd post something from my golden days. Saw these guys at the old Speak In Tongues in Cleveland and they put on a really fun show. They were a 3 piece out of Seattle and rarely got out of the city. They just bring out a side of me that remembers when times were simpler, less cautious, and more fun. This is their first record, and while it may not be their most polished, it is my favorite.



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cobalt - Gin

this is the best album i've heard in 2009. the duo of Phil McSorley and Erik Wunder have completely flattened the rest of their peers within the USBM scene... where Nachtmystium and WITTR have delved more into the psychedelic nuances of black metal, Cobalt instead push forward with finding ways of communicating pure evil and hatred, which in my opinion is what quality black metal should achieve. McSorley's life as an infantryman in the Army, as well as his years spent in Baghdad, provide another enthralling and unexpected facet to Cobalt's music. what you hear sounds like it's coming from a frostbitten mountaintop, not from a desert battlefield, but it's interesting to me how his experience inspired such a thought-provoking performance. Wunder's drumming talent is remarkable, at times reminding me very much of Danny Carey (thanks to heavy use of polyrhythms). the way these songs flow over you, with such immense layers of depth... that they're coming from a mere duo is a testament to the production on this record. the guitar tone alone feels like an ocean of sulfuric acid crashing on top of you. simply put, if black metal was a museum, Cobalt's Gin belongs in the premier gallery, amidst the classics of the genre.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tesco Vee - Dutch Hercules

Not for the faint of heart or PC idiots out there.
It's Tesco Vee of The Meatmen fame..... I mean, what do you expect? Lots of hate, yes.


Yaphet Kotto - The Killer Was In The Government Blankets

This album is everything hardcore, in essence, is meant to be. Passionate, urgent, aware, and damn is it loud.


Gay Witch Abortion - Maverick

Gay Witch Abortion's debut full-length, is the soundtrack to snow-blindness, and to death by black hole—the auditory lifeline to some sightless beyond where the laws of the waking world are gruesomely atomized. This is no temper tantrum or tirade. The brutality here is intensely musical, and is directed not at the listener but in on itself. As it speeds through its 13 tracks in just over half an hour, Maverick is a planet in its volcanic age, gurgling and glowing with a heat so terrifying, it just might produce life. Details: GAY WITCH ABORTION Maverick Learning Curve Records The opening track, "Down with Giants," perfectly foreshadows the music to come—on it, drummer Shawn Walker and guitarist Jesse Bottomley exchange devastating haymakers, fighting for supremacy in the mix. It is a perfect overture for the following songs, eroding colossi in miniature that feel infinitely more expansive and fearsome than their average two minutes suggest. Luckily, a handful of abstract interludes, which feature mooing cows or looped, modulating drones decaying, break the often unbearable tension that builds from song to song and give listeners just the precious minute they need to recuperate for more punishment. Like a planet in infancy, a few minor things are still a bit out of order. Bottomley's vocals are a distraction. He's mad to compete with his own virtuosic guitar work (anyone would be), and his voice somehow seems mixed, when present, to overpower the music. "Your Own Militia," a mid-point track, droops ever so slightly, falling into a mid-tempo that seems to reference Broken-era Nine Inch Nails. But these hairs, once split, don't last long in this heat. Maverick is an album hewn from living stone.

Myspace (don't visit if you are prone to seizures)


Kowloon Walled City - Turk Street

Sludgy, heavy shit from San Francisco.

Fans of Unsane, Black Cobra, Zozobra, etc. will really dig this.



Monday, March 30, 2009

Defcon 4 - The Bad Road

Steve Austin's Supernova Records strikes one last time with the release of the brand new album "The Bad Road" from Boston bruisers Defcon 4. This is their third full-length and I still frequently spin their last opus of misery and destruction, "Fileunderfuck".

This is just miserable music for miserable bastards. Their last record was a great slab of dark, crust punk that also took cues from the doom and noise/rock genres as well. The result was short stabs of caustic aggression tempered with lowdown doom riffs, squealing guitar noise, unrelenting drums, structured bass and a vocalist that is extremely pissed off.

On this record the band changes things up a bit. The album is separated into four acts with each act incorporating a number of different song titles. Those that are familiar with Green Machine's "D.A.M.N" and "…Sky Valley" by Kyuss will know exactly what I'm talking about. The acts range from 4 minutes to over 7 and the band manages to cover a lot of ground over the course of a short 22 minute offering.

The first act opens with a very Eyehategod-esque moment that features the band launching in a downtrodden dirge riff complete with heart-attack vocals to match. Then before you know it they launch into a wall of pure hate and noise that combines crust, doom and near grind in a very threatening manner. Spoken word rambling then adds a distraught atmosphere to the track when a drum and bass part kicks in and before long we are sent back to their vision of white-knuckle punk rock.

That first act is just the tip of the iceberg too! Act 2 begins with throttling, crusty punk before slowing down and entering a New York alley and meeting up with Unsane as the pace slows and sludge encrusted noise/rock becomes prevalent. The second part of Act 2, "Collect my Guts" comes in with a much more noticeable break between the songs and is another mix of psychotic punk and doom/noise that never lets up for a single moment. The vocals in this track are downright insane with some maddening high-pitched screams entering the mix on occasion. Things define clearly once again in this act for "Trail of Blood" to rip through your speakers in all of its wild-eyed, punked-out glory with powerful riffs and a sonic array of battering drums and bass noise crashing down all around you.

Act 3 starts us off in the noise/sludge/metal realm once again with the seething, slow-burning anger of "Mind Forks" that eventually paves the way of the unstoppable punk/grind of "Plotting and Planning" and "Hair my Pillow"; a no bullshit, one two punch of ferocious speed that is occasionally broken up by some tense sludge-y riffing.

The band brings down the house on the grand finale that is Act IV. The most doom and noise/rock infused offering on the whole disc. As per usual there are faster punk ridden parts but there is also scathing doom breaks. One thing I have to say about all of the doom elements that Defcon 4 uses is that even when there is a groove going, it never feels uplifting. It is completely enraged and will seriously make you contemplate taking the razor to your wrists. This track though actually has the most out and out, Sabbath influenced riff towards its last section and it is a great way to close off the ever shifting moods of its 7+ minute running time.

I'm highly impressed by these Defcon guys. Both albums I've got by them are fantastic and they are certainly putting their own touches to this overall sound. I do believe this album is also a concept album of one man's descent into the deepest, darkest pits of everyday life.

All fans of noise/rock, doom, and punk should pick this one up. I'm hearing influences that include Discharge, Black Flag, Eyehategod, Unsane, Tear it up and many, many more notable artists but incorporated in a way that sounds only like Defcon 4. If you dig this type of stuff then this is a must have release. Supernova you have stormed out of the gate with a trifecta of epic proportions and I can only bet that more amazing releases are on the way in the not so distant future.



Sunday, March 29, 2009

mix #2

1. Damnation A.D
3. Smash Your face
4. Talk is Poison
5. I SPY
6. Deathreat
7. Bleed
8. Monster X
9. In/Humanity
10. Pig Destroyer
11. Advocate
12. Malefaction
13. Propagandhi
14. Chokehold
15. Guilt
16. Unbroken
17. Iconolast
18. Assfactor 4
19. the Swarm
20. the Locust
21. Seven Days of Samsara
22. Corn on Macabre
23. Cave-In
24. Reversal of Man

mix tape madness

on the board,, someone came up with the idea to do a mix and keep it at an hour's length. I thought this was a awesome idea and was way stoked to break out my record player and start up on a mix.

this is one file. an hour long mp3 of a mixture of songs of some 7"s i found laying around. hope you enjoy. leave some feedback.

1. Blue Oyster Cult
2. The Vindictives
3. Scared of Chaka
4. Crimpshrine
5. F.Y.P
6. The Gain
7. Fun Size
8. Hot Water Music
9. Clairmel
10. J-Church
11. Alligator gun
12. Compound Red
13. Wolfie
14. Lifetime
15. Karate for Kids
16. Vanbuilderass
17. Jawbreaker
18. Moment

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snapcase - Lookinglasself

My favorite Snapcase album. So fucking good. If you don't own this, you should.


Nanda Devi - Fifth Season

"Their bio claims that they’re “making slow and boring even more slow and boring.” Thankfully, Nanda Devi are a bunch of rotten liars and Fifth Season is neither particularly slow, nor is it boring. Now if I was to lazily state that these guys are simply another in a long line of acts taking their cue from the likes of Isis, Cult of Luna etc. or dare utter the ‘p’ word, at best you’ll probably roll your eyes in complete indifference or at worst, want to throw a shoe in my general direction. So instead I’m going to point how this band is different from your typical Neur-Isis clone and why you should bother with Fifth Season. The most obvious thing to point out is the vocals. The combined efforts of bassist Ryan Whyte and guitarist Aaron Schomaker are easily the nastiest, most harrowing and evil-sounding vocals I’ve heard from a band of this type. Aaron Turner may have sounded quite gruff on those early Isis records but he’s got nothing on the growls, shrieks and howls that Nanda Devi offer up. It really is their standout element and gives the band a darker, more visceral edge than their contemporaries.

The other aspect of Fifth Season that impresses me is how tight it is. Out of the eight tracks, three are brief, untitled segues. Whereas on other albums such passages are often absolutely useless, here they have a genuine ‘what comes next?’ feel and actually serve their purpose of linking the main songs together. As a result, weightier numbers like “Abandoned By the Sun” and the excellent “Blood and Iron” are more easily digestible and hence enjoyable. As much as I love my plodding, atmospheric metal, it’s a sad fact that I rarely have the time or energy to invest in a seventy-minute concept album, so to have Nanda Devi do their business with me in less than forty is a real plus. Also, the fact that these guys don’t have the same level of innovation or full-on artistry as their peers is another reason why the modest, streamlined approach of Fifth Season serves them well.

Ironically, Nanda Devi are one of the bands I'd most readily suggest to those who normally find this particular strain of modern metal too 'slow and boring'. Fifth Season is by and large a dark, heavy and gutsy affair with some suitably haunting atmospherics thrown into the deal. It cleverly avoids some of the pitfalls that can dampen albums of this kind, thereby affording itself some real cross-genre appeal. There, and I didn’t mention ‘post-metal’ once."

Plus.... for those of you who live in Cleveland, they are playing at Now That's Class on April 20th. Go see 'em and buy this record.



The Backup Plan - Dearest Whomever

You ever listen to an album or song and think "hey, I KNOW this band" and then were completely wrong... but not in a bad way? Well the Backup Plan is that band. "Dearest Whomever" at times sounds like the album (or at 19 minutes, should I say EP?) that Kid Dynamite never made. I know other reviewers might debate this point, but while this album is not breaking any new ground, or blending hereunknown genres, or selling records by the truckload, etc. etc., (notchmarks that appear on most reviewers crooked yardsticks), it doesn't detract from the fact that this is a solid album, every track, from beginning to end.



Dag Nasty - Can I Say

One of my favorite D.C bands. Although, they didn't sound like most other D.C area bands. this album represents a high point in the angst of hardcore The emotion in this album is simply amazing.

Capital - Homefront

Homefront acts as both a love letter and op-ed piece to growing up, hardcore, family and Long Island. It's working-class punk rock without the white tank tops and un-ironic suspenders. Corrigan is simply a man telling his sincere thoughts on various subjects, causing nearly every song to be a standout: "Crossroads" defends the presence of illegal immigrants with the common but rarely embraced talking points; the self-explanatory "Mosh Parts" finds him laughing off bands clogging their songs with needless dance parts; "On a Mission" narrates Corrigan discovering his gateway to hardcore (Revelation's famous late `80s compilation, The Way It Is).

All the past comparisons the band's garnered musically (Dag Nasty, Avail) are still somewhat apt, but Capital have clearly found their own niche here. Sure, the Silent Majority similarities are still inescapable, but only at certain points. Particularly, there's "Procrastination," a tumbling, restrained number where Corrigan growls corrosively over it all, and "Gold Coast," another mid-tempo, aggressively unraveling track. However, throughout Homefront's course, Capital clearly strive to offer both complex, multi-part songs ("Crossroads") and bursts consisting solely of short, fast and hard (the plastic surgery-condemning "Rubberface"), all the while providing versatile moods that range from dark and disgusted to upbeat and reminiscent.



Monday, March 23, 2009

Modest Mouse - Lonesome Crowded West

I own this on double lp. this record sounds amazing on vinyl.

Dropkick Murphys - The Meanest of Times

i fuckin' love this album

1. Famous for Nothing
2. God Willing
3. The State Of Massachusetts
4. Tomorrow's Industry
5. Echoes On "A." Street
6. Vices And Virtues
7. Surrender
8. (F)lannigan's Ball
9. I'll Begin Again
10. Fairmount Hill
11. Loyal To No One
12. Shattered
13. Rude Awakenings
14. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya
15. Never Forget

Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Slow Riot For a New Zero Kanada

i'm back. i finally got to start uploading albums again. i dont know what the heck was wrong.

I've been in a weird mood as of late. when that happens i usually listen to GYBE! and this is a great album to fall asleep to.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions

Newer Pulling Teeth. I fucking love this band.
"Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions" is the latest work from Baltimore hardcore mainstays, Pulling Teeth. Painstakingly recorded and engineered by Chris Camden at Ultrasound over a three month period, "Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions" is a conceptual piece of immense artistic depth and darkness.

Songs like the bruising "Unsatisfied" dig deep to reveal monstrous dirges that rival any doom metal artist. While the Slayer influenced "Bloodwolves" is as volatile and infectious as a song can be. Though the aforementioned songs are truly brilliant works, it is Pulling Teeth's new found mastery of emotional ebb and flow which shines as their real strength. This awe inducing quality is revealed in the stunning two title tracks, "Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions". Collectively both songs are a monumental achievement of soulful guitar work, Moog driven textures, and insightful prose. A near perfect example of how a band can evolve without abandoning the heart and raw energy that defines the "hardcore/punk" genre at its very core.



Limp Wrist - S/T 2009

Well fuck, here it is... a new Limp Wrist album.

I just got done listening to it, and holy hell is it good. Same old Limp Wrist with the 2 minute or less songs, fast, shovel to the head, gayin' up the punx, hardcore.

Get it

(Lone) Wolf & Cub - May You Only See Sky

Five young men from Chicago with a hornet's nest in their collective bonnet, Chicago's (Lone) Wolf & Cub play mathy, hyper-aggressive, fall-on-the-floor screamo crosscut with significant metallic chug and enough nods to progressive and art rock to keep things interesting. The five songs on MAY YOU ONLY SEE SKY rarely sits still, bursting forth with all the fury of a disciplined teenager seeking revenge.

Since this album, they have changed their sound considerably turning more to a His Hero is Gone/Discharge/Lethargy sound. I like it all.



Barkmarket - L.Ron

This record was Barkmarket's final album and was released in 1996. To me, it was their best record. If you're a fan of Helmet (and you should be if you aren't), you're going to dig this record a whole bunch.



Friday, March 20, 2009

mediafire wont let me upload anything anymore.
what gives?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chris Thomas King - The Roots

Chris Thomas King was in the the movie O Brother Where Art Thou? and played Tommy. If you enjoy the blues and very relaxing music then this is for you. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sorry for the lack of updates on my part, dudes.
i got a new computer and have been trying to get situated with it and transfer all my music, etc..


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Headwound City - s/t

screamy and short EP... not sure if these guys are still around or not. one (or both) of the singers from blood brothers, guitarist from the yeah yeah yeahs, and the drummer from the locust. the vocals aren't my favorite thing in the world but the disgustingly rad drumming does more than enough to compensate.


combatwoundedveteran - i know a girl who develops crime scene photos

at the time when i was introduced to this record, i thought i had a handle on what pissed-off music sounded like. and then, even on a crappy record player with one speaker attached, CWV still happily crumbled the floor underneath me, burying me under 500 metric tons of asbestos, glass, and bad fucking vibes.

a pv/grind classic.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Young Governor - Virginia Creeper 7"

YOUNG GOVERNOR is Ben Cook (formerly of NO WARNING and VIOLENT MINDS), one-third of FUCKED UP's guitar ensemble, and this is his debut solo record. The epitome of a workhorse, Ben has his hands full writing and recording for at least a half-dozen projects these days, including MARVELOUS DARLINGS, a crew of criminally underrated power-poppers, and the BITTERS, a band whose name you'll recognize the next time you hear it bandied about, guaranteed. "Virginia Creeper" and "I'm a Mess" were laid down by the Governor at East End Reclusives, in Toronto, Canada, a dumpy practice space responsible for an impressive amount of recorded work in recent years. Although more pop-infused than the hardcore stylings of Ben's present/past, Young Governor solo is arguably as raw and unpredictable as anything he's done, if not more so. The needle-pegged, hyperactive pop of "Virginia Creeper" and "I'm a Mess" offer a glimpse of the Governor's 2009 agenda, and frankly, teasers don't get any better than this.


Party of Helicopters- Please Believe It

Rock out of Kent, Ohio. Broken up now, but I used to love this album. I think the drummer plays in Teeth of the Hydra now, who also rule.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Splinter 10"

originally posted on from our good friend Jeff Grey.

Ah, Splinter. Days of Canton YMCA shows, big pants, small wheels, Kent. A friend of mine once described them as "hardcore meets early Slayer." Fair enough. I videotaped them once at Peabody's Down Under with Snapcase in 93? The tape was reused by an old roommate to tape golf :(
6 degrees..Bass player dated Angry Jill's roommate, drummer dated my upcoming wedding's Maid-of-Honor. Larry, the vocalist, was a member of the Crunchface fanzine staff, and later went onto to Unholy 3, Don Austin, etc. I saw Larry at Annabelle's a couple of weeks ago and it sparked my memory of this album.
Some people may recognize the track "Three" as the weirdly titled song on the Dark Empire Strikes Back cd comp (thank goodness I made the video version before my roomies taped over their set with Lee Trivino.) I guess the track name on that comp was the text written on the DAT tape sent to the "label."
I don't know how many of them were pressed, but I remember ordering it straight from the label via an MRR ad. I remember the shipping packaging was thin and beat up, but thankfully the contents were not, other then the cover being slightly bent. Sound samples were frequently used during this era, and not persecuted. I've never seen an other copy of this record; weird.
I could tell you how much I like this record, but I'll let you judge for yourself. It's the first LP I've ripped and shared with my new turntable, so that's a clue.
Satan, Satan, poop.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Al Green - Definitive Greatest Hits, The

I am off to Florida for 9 days tomorrow.
I bid you dudes farewell and happy downloading.

An expanded version of Al Green's beloved GREATEST HITS (which was already bolstered from 10 tracks to 15 in 1995), this 21-song collection features all the tunes from the earlier editions, including his biggest singles--among them, the supremely romantic "Let's Stay Together" and the beautifully weary "Tired of Being Alone." The real draws of 2007's DEFINITIVE GREATEST HITS are the additions of the plaintive "Back Up Train," which finds the legendary soul singer in his formative late-'60s period, and the gently funky "I Can't Stop," from Green's triumphant 2003 return-to-secular-form album of the same name. Although some fans may bristle at yet another tweaking of this top-notch compilation, DEFINITIVE succeeds at painting a bigger picture of Green's impressive career.

Recording information: 1967 - 2004

1. Let's Stay Together
2. Tired Of Being Alone
3. Take Me To The River
4. I'm Still In Love With You
5. Look What You Done For Me
6. Here I Am (Come & Take Me)
7. Love & Happiness
8. Keep Me Cryin'
9. Call Me (Come Back Home)
10. Livin' For You
11. Let's Get Married
12. Sha-La-La (Make Me Happy)
13. L-O-V-E (Love)
14. You Ought To Be With Me
15. Oh Me, Oh My (Dreams In My Arms)
16. Full Of Fire
17. Back Up Train - (with The Soul Mates)
18. I Can't Get Next To You
19. Belle
20. I Can't Stop
21. Perfect To Me


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bones Brigade - I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding

Just in time for warmer weather...emirite?
No but this record from start to finish makes you want to grab your board and shred pools, bomb hills and skate skate skate. 13 lightening fast songs clocking in a grand total of 18 minutes. All about skateboarding, zombies and going REALLY, REALLY FAST..or as they say.. ALL GO NO SLOW! With furious fretwork that resembles Early Anthrax and PC Deathsquad you can't help but circle pit in your living room, listen loud and headbang often.

Track Listing
1. Thrashin' USA
2. All Go No Slow
3. Real Ultimate Power
4. No One Gets Out Alive
5. Adult Crash
6. Each Walking Hour
7. I'm Not Alright
8. Hands Off
9. Evil Dead
10. Skate or Die
11. King of the Pit
12. See Right Through
13. No Reason

JIHAD - Old Testament (Makoto Recordings)

One of my favorite bands from Michigan.

"Jihad," as you probably already know, is the Islamic term for holy war, but it is also the name of a now-defunct Kalamazoo hardcore quartet whose sound suggests the violence and fury of that aggression. Their music is about anger, anger, and more anger. Their anthems of loneliness and alienation are filled with chugging, double-edged guitars, which create volcanoes of sound on top of smoldering bass and drum rhythms. Horrifyingly ragged, voice box-disgorging vocals lace every composition. Bitter, caustic stuff. Jihad disbanded in the latter part of the '90s. Old Testament represents the band's complete discography, plus a live set at a Cleveland hardcore festival.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound

Have you ever heard a song where for some reason you felt as though you already knew the words, yet it was the first time listening to the song? Well this album has eleven of those songs. This without a doubt makes it into my "top 10 records of 2008". It's different and most people "won't get it". If Bruce Springsteen and The Clash had a child it would be this. I personally think that this is the kind of record that surpasses genre's and elitist taste. It's the kind of music that when you listen, it sends chills down your spine and you can't help but smile.

Track Listing
1. Great Expectations
2. The '59 Sound
3. High Lonesome
4. Film Noir
5. Miles Davis & The Cool
6. The Patient Ferris Wheel
7. Casanova, Baby!
8. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
9. Meet Me By The River's Edge
10. Here's Looking At You Kid
11. The Backseat

Anodyne "Quiet Wars"

A Bio on Anodyne according to the ever so sweet all music guide since I'm entirely too lazy to be typing up biographies on bands that are split up anyway:

"Anodyne is a New York-based hardcore band specializing in dense, brutal, cryptic, and murky sludge metal with flashes of dark punk and noisy ambience, delivered with all of the sonic subtlety of an avalanche. Comparable to Deadguy, Bloodlet, and Neurosis, Anodyne's thick crunch and cathartic heaviness is astounding. Anodyne originated in Boston in July 1997 around the core of imposing vocalist/guitarist Mike Hill and drummer Thos Niles. Influenced by Black Flag and heavy metal, the two weren't serious about doing the project as a full-on band until bassist Mike Davis and guitarist/vocalist Ayal Naor came along. As a four-piece, Anodyne soon recorded a demo at Salad Days studios. Davis then left the band and was replaced by Josh Scott. Three of the demo tracks, plus a live song, were compiled as a 7" single and released by Reproductive Records. In 1999, Niles left the group. Anodyne went through a series of short-term drummers until Mike Swanson joined up shortly before the recording of the band's Quiet Wars EP. After performing throughout the Northeast in support of the EP, Anodyne said goodbye to both Swanson and Naor, the latter concentrating on his 27 project with his wife. Hill and Scott, having relocated to N.Y.C., pushed forward with some assistance from Burnt by the Sun drummer Dave Witte, who recorded a new 7" with the band, Red Was Her Favorite Color, which was released by Happy Couples Never Last and includes a reinterpretation of Charles Manson's "Look at Your Game Girl." Witte also stuck around long enough to record tracks for a split single with Cleveland's Keelhaul. Joel Stallings then joined Anodyne as their permanent drummer. With the lineup now solidified, Anodyne recorded material in 2001 for both the Berkowitz 7" on Alone and their debut full-length album, The Outer Dark, which was released in November 2001 by Escape Artist. ~ Ryan J. Downey, All Music Guide"

There you go. This is more Metal than noise rock in my opinion, but it's still plenty noisy and dissonant. Was given this cd by Ayal many moons ago and wanted to share it up!

Donkey Punch Lunch

Buried Inside - Spoils of Failure

I won't take full credit for this, since Jason found it and sent it to me.
But holy fuckin' shit batman!
Ive been waiting for this since I heard it was in the works.

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI
7. VII

Irepress - Sol Eye Sea I (2009)

instrumental metal.

1. Diaspora
2. Rhintu
3. Barrageo
4. Daniel Sen
5. Cyette Phiur
6. Fletchie
7. Adeluge
8. Billy
9. Entangelment

Monday, February 16, 2009

Buried Inside -

If you don't own this. Go out side, throw a rope over a tree branch and fucking hang yourself.

1. Introduction
2. Time as Ideology
3. Time as Methodology
4. Time as Surrogate Religion
5. Time as Imperialism
6. Reintroduction
7. Time as Abjection
8. Time as Automation
9. Time as Commodity
10. Time as Resistance

Birds of Prey - Sulfur and Semen

Birds Of Prey are a super-super group. They feature current and ex-members of Municipal Waste, Burnt By The Sun, Discordance Axis, Melt Banana, Human Remains, Alabama Thunderpussy, Avail, Kilara, The Last Van Zant, Throttlerod, Baroness, and Beaten Back To Pure. Imagine all those bands bloodily pulped in a giant blender and you will get some idea of Birds Of Prey’s punk-death-metal ramblings. They bring together a wealth of experience that traverses the North American extreme music movement

1. Bleed Blister or Cum
2. Show Him the Ground
3. Mentoring the Mongoloids (Return to the Attic)
4. Turning Big Rocks into Little Rocks
5. Murder the Homeless / Burn the Upper Class
6. Where Black Lungs Don't Breathe
7. Lice Halo
8. Satisfy the 45
9. To My Victims' Families
10. Overfucked and Underage
11. Liquor Blister

Mineral - Power of Failing, The

Here's an idea. Put this record on. Grab a knife, and start slitting your wrists. With that being said, you can't go wrong with some Mineral in your life. Sure it might be depressing, but it's a damn good album.

Ascension - Abomination

undeniably one of the best hardcore bands Cleveland has ever seen. I dare you to argue with me otherwise. One of the greatest live shows you would have ever witnessed back in the day.

here is a video i took of their "last show ever"
@ The Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, Ohio

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Archers of Loaf - Vee Vee

The Archers of Loaf are the quintessential college band. Their music was always slightly off tune but always great. By far my favorite album by them is Vee Vee.

There’s just something kind of freaky and weird about some of the notes they play on that album, and our ear never tires of listening to it.

The tonalities are unexpected and challenging. If it were another band, we would say they were off their rocker, but the Archers of Loaf pull it off remarkably well. It’s too consistent, too methodical to be an accident, and yet it’s totally spontaneous and sloppy at the same time

1. step into the light
2. harnessed in slums
3. nevermind the enemy
4. greatest of all time
5. underdogs of nipomo
6. floating friends
7. 1985
8. fabricoh
9. nostalgia
10. let the loser melt
11. death in the park
12. the worst has yet to come
13. underachievers fight and march song

Split Lip - For the Love of the Wounded

Blacktusk - Passage Through Purgatory

Savannah, GA is like ground zero for so many incredible bands. must be something in the swamp water. Blacktusk's musical DNA is laced with familiarities like Kylesa, Skeletonwitch, and Baroness. This album's on the thrashier side of things though. Enjoy.


Valens - Demo

Valens is a hardcore band from New Jersey featuring members from Pellinore, The Banner, and Troublemaker.Here's their demo and I'm pretty stoked on this and you should definitely enjoy it.


Engine Kid - Angel Wings

Cut the Shit - Marked For Life

27 succinct tracks of blistering hardcore/punk in barely under 27 minutes, including bonus cuts from their one-sided 7" and the "Bored to Death" EP. Only one song hits two minutes and the recordings are loud as fuck with just the right amount of dirtiness, making for a clear and in your face sound that's tightly performed and unpolished. As for what to expect? Straightforward hardcore/punk in the angry and aggressive mid-80's style with a little rock 'n' roll to some of the chords or occasional lead breaks, throaty shouting vocals that don't mess around, pounding basslines and basic drumbeats, etc. You'll find 20-second ragers like "Doctor, Martyr", slightly slower and more driving pieces like "Gotta Get a Grip", some that crank the rock such as "Relax & Have a Drink", etc. Hell, "My Hands Around Your Birdneck" even tossed in some very subtle (and awesome) little melodic tinges. Also, a couple of the tracks from the "Bored to Death" 7" are ever so slightly heavier as far as their sense of rhythm, even though there are definitely no metal influences or major breakdown parts or anything of that nature. The older vinyl tracks do have slightly less aggressive recordings that aren't as bright or well rounded, but that doesn't bother me at all. It takes away some of the vocal character, but just barely. The layout keeps it pretty simple with a bunch of mugshots on the cover, some images of the other record covers on the back, and tons of text. The lyrics to all of the songs are included, and they're pissed off attacks on everything from the medical industry and issues within the scene to strictly personal topics. "Confusion has left me with few options to sort. I've burned my last bridge, I've torched my last resort. No longer at ease in my own mind. Self abuse and torture, I've led myself to ruin..." The only downside to this kind of hardcore is that it can be a little one-sided and lack songs that truly stand out, and that's sort of the case here, but they keep it short and to the point, so there's really not enough time to get bored. That pretty much covers it. It's one of those no nonsense hardcore records that will appeal very directly to a core audience of listeners who like their hardcore completely unadulterated, with plenty of attitude that doesn't shed its sense of purpose. Rock.


Last Days of April - Angel Youth

I never really got into this band way back in the day. I think when this band came out, I out grew the whole "post indie/emo rock" stage.


01. From Here To Anyone
02. Aspirins And Alcohol
03. The Days I Recall Being Wonderful
04. Will The Violins Be Playing?
05. Glowing Me Choking You
06. Make Friends With Time
07. Two Hands And Ten Fingers
08. Life Companion Murphy's Law
09. Down The Aisle With You
10. Make Friends With Time (Instrumental)

Riff Raff - Lowlifer

Despite my initial disappointment that this band has nothing to do with BILLY BRAGG, I thought this EP by Massachusetts' RIFF RAFF (who shares members with THINK I CARE) was good, burly, NYHC-influenced hardcore punk. And I'm not talking paint-by-numbers late-80s youth crew NYHC or basketball-Jersey-wearing thugcore NYHC, I'm talking about the real ideal—early -80s bands like the ABUSED, ANTIDOTE, and United Blood-era. AGNOSTIC FRONT (with a touch of the CRO-MAGS and NEGATIVE APPROACH). Good songwriting and a mix of faster and mid-tempo tracks make this record well worth picking up for fans of the aforementioned bands.


Infernal War - Conflagrator EP

5 tracks of straight-up BLISTERING blackened death metal out of Poland.

Their bass player's name is Godcrusher.

You need this, right now.