Saturday, December 27, 2008

Murder City Devils - In Name and Blood

My all time favorite band.
That's all the review you get.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Scarlet - Breaking The Dead Stare ep

For some reason, I dont think this is the right cover for this EP. Maybe that one os from the re-issue? Who knows.

This EP is the band's first release. Released on Tribunal Records in 2000. This EP is fucking sick. Metal, Metal, and more fucking Metal. If you have not heard this EP, but have heard the rest of the bands material, you will be surprised on how different this EP is from the rest.

It's nothing groundbreaking. it not your typical metal-core chugga chugga bullshit. The dudes vocals are fucking sick. Evil Evil Evil.

KUMITE - demo

i found this demo from the band KUMITE. They were a band from Gainesville, Florida. I don't have the cover for this cd, i remember them giving me the demo when they played Cleveland Fest. They game up to play the show with Gunmoll and Army of Ponch. I remember these dudes being fucking nice as hell. And i can't remember for the life of me what other bands they were in, but i know they played in other G'Ville, bands.

give it a whirl and enjoy. if you know any more info, please post it.

Blue Skies Burning - Last Leg of My First Race

I don't like writing reviews. This band fucking ruled. Blue Skies Burning was from Toledo, Ohio. They played music of the "screamo" variety. My friend Mike G did the artwork for this album. Our old band played shows with them. They fucking rule. Did I mention that they rule?

32 Songs About Drinking - Too Many Records

it's fuckin' christmas. what better to do than sit around and drink with family. Am I right? So here's to you and your holiday. drink a few and listen to some good tunes

1. Mata Ratos - Expulsos Do Bar
2. Wretched Ones - Pissed It All Away
3. Blanks 77 - Party Train
4. The Flies - The Queens Parade
5. Big Comb - In My Glass I Swim
6. Hudson - Loaded
7. The Fumes - Muscle Cars, Rocker Chicks & Cigarettes
8. Motherload - Lilac City Rock N Roll Odyssey
9. Vi Thompson Overdrive - Busch Pilot
10. Solid Statesmen - Never Underestimate The Power of Free Beer
11. Primitive Tribes - Searching Through The Couch For Change for Beer
12. Strawman - Wound Up
13. Broken Toys - Hungover Again
14. The Independents - Beer Song
15. Oxymorons - Cheap Beer
16. Pigweed - Free Beer
17. Sick n Tired - I'll Drink To That
18. Rights Reserved - Thanksgiving
19. No Kill I - Traunya
20. Los Huevos - Dixie Fried
21. Elmer - Here's To You
22. Pounded Clown - Red Eye
23. Velvet Pelvis - He's So Punk
24. Nobody's - Hey Doofus
25. Shit Smell - Drunk Again
26. Mickey and the Big Mouths - Beer and Gear
27. Baba Booey - Baba Booey Messed Up
28. All You Can Eat - Ride The Demon Brew
29. Sea Pigs - Barfly
30. Apostles on Strike - Schaefer Beer
31. Crusties - Beer SLob
32. Actionaries - Keystone Kopz

(Young)Pioneers / The Van Pelt split

I love both these bands and so should you.
Merry Christmas, Go Fuck a Snowman.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beast - Demo 2008

Some seriously pissed off hardcore.
Pissed may be an understatement.
Hate everything / Worship nothing.



Monday, December 22, 2008

Saves The Day "Through Being Cool Sessions"

I'm not sure if I'm the only poster on this blog who likes this band, but hopefully someone reading likes them! Basically this is the band goofing around in the studio, playing songs from Can't Slow Down, and Through Being Cool. It's a really fun listen, and is really cool, because it almost has kind of a vibe like you're hanging out, listening to the band practice. I got this off of a fan site a few years back. It's a regular listen for me. Hopefully people enjoy this!

1. Intro
2. All-Star Me
3. The Choke
4. Interlude
5. Shoulder To The Wheel
6. Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots
7. The Last Lie I Told
8. Houses And Billboards
9. Sometimes, New Jersey
10. California (Instrumental)
11. The Vast Spoils Of America (From The Badlands Through The Ocean)
12. Hold (Various Mishaps)
13. Hold


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wrangler Brutes - Zulu

This one is for Rye, because I know he likes Born Against as much as I do.

"Boasting members from Born Against, Nazti Skins, and Men’s Recovery Project, Wrangler Brutes wax nostalgic for the west coast thrash/punk of Suicidal Tendencies and The Vandals, all while incorporating some common influences – Aggression and Hell Awaits era Slayer - with some uncommon ones – most notably the angular guitar style of the Magic Band’s Zoot Horn Rollo.
West Coast thrash is a genre defined by its breakneck drumming, throat punishing vocals, and sprinting guitar lines. Wrangler Brutes behave accordingly, adding bits of humor here and there with vocal cameos from ex-Circle Jerk Keith Morris, and Circus Lupus howler Chris Thomson. These moments do little to empower the music, distracting instead from the inventive guitar work - Stewart Voegtlin"

Myspace (I'm assuming not official)


Zeke/Disfear split 7"

This is a split between two bands that don't really fit together on a split.... or maybe they do. It was part of the Relapse singles series and I think it has been repressed a few times.
The first side is by Zeke, who are one of my favorite bands. Satan, drug infused, fuzzy rock and roll from Tacoma, Washington. Toned out rock... dirty and fast like it is supposed to be done.
The second side is from Disfear. Tomas Lindberg.... what more do I need to say? These songs are a little more rock compared to their usual D-beat style, but very good nonetheless.

Get It.

Deflesuary - Promo 2008

This is a little outfit from Lancaster, PA. What do I know about Lancaster, PA? I know that it is home to my hillbilly heritage, the Pennsylvania Dutch. It is also home to a lot of fucking Amish. This release is not by the Amish, but by 4 dudes who can turn out the death/grind/metal in a great way.
While this is only 3 songs, it is fucking brootal. Old school death gutteral awesomeness.
This also includes a cover of Integrity's "Abraxas Annihilation" which is a total plus in my book.