Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Headwound City - s/t

screamy and short EP... not sure if these guys are still around or not. one (or both) of the singers from blood brothers, guitarist from the yeah yeah yeahs, and the drummer from the locust. the vocals aren't my favorite thing in the world but the disgustingly rad drumming does more than enough to compensate.


combatwoundedveteran - i know a girl who develops crime scene photos

at the time when i was introduced to this record, i thought i had a handle on what pissed-off music sounded like. and then, even on a crappy record player with one speaker attached, CWV still happily crumbled the floor underneath me, burying me under 500 metric tons of asbestos, glass, and bad fucking vibes.

a pv/grind classic.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Young Governor - Virginia Creeper 7"

YOUNG GOVERNOR is Ben Cook (formerly of NO WARNING and VIOLENT MINDS), one-third of FUCKED UP's guitar ensemble, and this is his debut solo record. The epitome of a workhorse, Ben has his hands full writing and recording for at least a half-dozen projects these days, including MARVELOUS DARLINGS, a crew of criminally underrated power-poppers, and the BITTERS, a band whose name you'll recognize the next time you hear it bandied about, guaranteed. "Virginia Creeper" and "I'm a Mess" were laid down by the Governor at East End Reclusives, in Toronto, Canada, a dumpy practice space responsible for an impressive amount of recorded work in recent years. Although more pop-infused than the hardcore stylings of Ben's present/past, Young Governor solo is arguably as raw and unpredictable as anything he's done, if not more so. The needle-pegged, hyperactive pop of "Virginia Creeper" and "I'm a Mess" offer a glimpse of the Governor's 2009 agenda, and frankly, teasers don't get any better than this.


Party of Helicopters- Please Believe It

Rock out of Kent, Ohio. Broken up now, but I used to love this album. I think the drummer plays in Teeth of the Hydra now, who also rule.