Saturday, January 10, 2009

Death From Above 1979 - Heads Up EP

i really miss this band. i'm a big fan of bass/drum duos - nowadays there's many bands in that vein but DFA got in on the ground floor in my opinion. this was their first EP, definitely leaning way more towards the rock side of things as compared to their more well-known full-length which got a little too "dancey" at times. some of the tracks on it wound up on a few car commercials i think... you could kind of see where they were going since after that they broke up and one of the dudes went on to form MSTRKRFT. kind of a shame considering the guy made his bass sound like a howitzer of ass-shaking grooves.

put this shit on at your next party and prepare for high-fives.




Abnegation was a hard-, metal-, death-, grind-core band from Erie, Pennsylania that played thoughout the 90's. The band began as a vision of Jason 'Iggy' Imig & Paul Nowoczynski as a vehicle to showcase their hard-line vegan straight-edge politics. Passionate & explosive live & on their recordings, Abnegation devastated fans all over the United States & the rest of world. Their lyrics & music, delivered with anger, urgency & a brutal kind of desperation, became an alter for expressing their strong opinions on issues such as animal rights, abortion, veganism, environmentalism, & drug abuse. Their intensity & energy were an intoxicating spectacle to see & hear.

3 songs from Cleveland Fest 1996

for the life of me, i cannot remember any info on chapter.

Friday, January 9, 2009

DRAGBODY - Inheritance of Detriment

Fuckin band rules. enough said.
for fans of: converge, ascension, chokehold

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sun Kil Moon - April (2008)

Sad Bastard music.
Go sit in your room and cry about it.

"Totally Fucking The 80's"

I've been listening to a bunch of old compilation cd's lately, so I'll probably be posting a few. Totally Fucking The 80's is yet another one of those comps with mid to late 90's punk and ska bands covering 80's songs. This one rules particularly hard, however. You've got Hot Water Music covering John Mellancamp, Nobodys covering The J. Geils Band, Discount covering R.E.M. and plenty others. That Nobodys cover absolutely rules.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Silent Majority "Life Of A Spectator"

Out of all of the bands to come out of Long Island, New York, Silent Majority are one of my absolute favorites. Without these guys, Crime In Stereo, who are easily my favorite band still active probably wouldn't exist. Melodic hardcore with an intensely emotional side, (for proof just check out the lyrics to "Spoken Words") I feel like the band pretty much did melodic hardcore better than anyone else at the time.

Singer Tommy Corrigan went on to front another band following Silent Majority, Blood Red, and currently sings for the band Capital.

Blood Red (myspace)
Capital (myspace)

Also, for anyone interested, my friend Chris has recently put up live video footage of both Blood Red and Silent Majority on his blog, Capital footage will be up by month's end!



that Sunlight Studio sound...

there's just something completely unique and identifiable when it comes to swedish death metal.

the bass sound on this album is without peer... thick and rich enough to be poured on pancakes while still jarring and buzzing enough to where your guts'll feel like Zeus himself is stomping your neighborhood into non-existence.

try 'Tide of Blood' on for size and make a bet with yourself to not raise the invisible chalice by the end of the first solo. it's a bet you're gonna lose.


Phoenix Bodies - Raise the Bullshit Flag

Captain Guyliner here, back again to keep you up on all the freshest trends...

so it's 2009, the holidays are behind us, everyone's awash in the glowing positivity that comes with the new year... but let's not forget the simple truth: shit sucks. no matter how good it gets, there's always something waiting in the hedges to give you a swift kick in the groceries and send you home wishing painful slow death upon your enemies.

what i'm doing by introducing you to Phoenix Bodies is basically enabling you to beat the bullshit to the punch. so the next time your boss clips you with a surprise weekend shift, or some sporto with a popped collar calls you a dirty word, you can put on your headphones, close your eyes, fire up this motherfucker, and picture yourself firing a gatling gun into traffic, Jesse Ventura style.

you'll feel better... i promise.


Hockey Fight! demo