Saturday, December 20, 2008

Absu - Tara

The Short: Blackened Thrash out of Texas

The Long: this is the sound of demons loading up on trucker speed and raging all night in a hotel room on the surface of a comet hurtling around the sun at 350,000 miles per hour. holy fucking hell this album is fast. both the guitar shredding and the drums are in a neck-and-neck race to see who can break the sanity barrier, however i have to award Sir Proscriptor for driving me to curl up in the fetal position on my couch due to too much exposure to sheer double-bass punishment of the most fiendish degree. you might think that an album built around such a confounding amount of speed and complexity would get "same-y" or exhausting, but i think what sets 'Tara' apart (and into Instant Classic territory) is that the attention paid to each riff, each vocal phrasing, and each blistering fill results in recognizable song structures and not just moments in which your brain can grasp onto a 4/4 time signature before the band speeds off into Nonsense Town again. there's even a much-appreciated acoustic guitar respite on track 11, giving your soul a chance to stop bleeding for 90 seconds before being thrown back into Satan's Cuisanart once again.

these otherworldly beings will be playing Maryland Deathfest in May and also have a new album coming out in a few months. good stuff to know, however i prefer to not think of Absu as just a band and rather a time in which hell's minions decided to try out "what the humans call heavy metal", resulting in 13 songs of such a deific supremacy that mere mortals can only shudder in their wake.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Tiltwheel "Sister Series" 7"

Ok, so I'm just going to outright say that Tiltwheel has rapidly become one of my favorite bands ever. Probably one of my favorite pop punk/power pop? bands ever.

This 7" is part of a series of 7"s called the "Sister Series". The idea is to do sort of a split idea, but on two separate 7"s (in this case, the other 7" is done by Toys That Kill), and even have each band cover one of the other band's songs on their 7". It's pretty rad.

First song is one of the most positive and awesome songs about friendship ever. I love it.

I shouldn't even have to tell you that you should buy this. Fucking go buy it. it's mad cheap and it's available from the following places as well as the Toys That Kill portion! Buy the fucker from these places:

Accident Prone
Little Type (this is where i ordered it!)

Dinky Licker.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bluetip "Join Us"

I fucking love Bluetip. Ex-Swiz? Fuck yeah. Too bad like all the greats, these guys called it a day.

It's got that trademark 90's Dischord sound. At least to me. Great songs with no bullshit and no filler. Is it bad that I listen to more shit from the 90's than I do this decade?

I gotta get ahold of that EP they put out on Slowdime.

If you like this, get it from Dischord.

Dead Lift.

Bitter Tongues "Clovis"

You know how most bands say "we're influenced by/sound like Quicksand, man!" and then you listen to them and find out it's total bullshit? That's not how it goes with this. These dudes sound legit like Quicksand. A more pissed off Quicksand. Which is awesome.

Fuck the label it was put out on, though. I'll probably get sued for posting this even though the label and band both aren't even operating anymore. Maybe I'll get sued less cause they're my buds and I want to spread good jams that a shit label sat on and did nothing for? It's better than no promotion. My old band was supposed to do a split with these dudes but it never came to be since both bands seemingly just ate shit and broke up.

If you dig it, message the band on their myspace and see if they have copies. I urge you to give the band your money, and not the profiteering shits that clutter the independent music community.

Delicious Latkes

One Life Crew - Justice

this one is for jason. you don't have to like it, you don't even have to listen to it but you at least have to know who they are and where they're from. It's slightly racist, definitely not PC and tongue in cheek skits/lyrics that make you facepalm and say...Really? Cleveland's own, One Life Crew. I give this a 3 out of 5 because it's hilarious they actually took themselves seriously, fruits. and yes it really is 41 songs long

01. Opening Bell
02. Get Off Da Nutz Of Da One Life Niggas
03. Why Can't We Get Along?
04. Sportbike Attack Intro
05. Sportbike Attack
06. Pure Disgust Part 2
07. Behind The Hoods Intro
08. Behind The Hoods
09. Calypso Louie Intro
10. Calypso Louie
11. Guilty
12. America First
13. Cease Assistance
14. Coatrack
15. Blood Is Thicka Than Water
16. Waste Of Space
17. Our Fight '90H8
18. Vegan Cause
19. In The Crosshairs
20. Indians
21. Ebonic Plague
22. Swingin From The Nutz Of The One Life
23. Shiv In Your Back
24. Brit Pig - The Price Of Royalty
25. Jesse Jackson
26. Poverty Pimp
27. Emo Faggarios
28. Too Much Authority
29. Day By Mutha Fuckin' Day
30. Mr Reeves
31. Clean The Cages
32. On The Cuff
33. Poolside Intro
34. Poolside
35. One Life Drug Free
36. American Hate-Edge
37. The Prohibition 2000
38. Da Scrilla
39. Final Word
40. Get Off My Nuts
41. Golf Outtakes

Elephant Man - Self Titled EP

I don't know much about this band. I don't know the history, the members, the cool limited edition color vinyl, the broads they've banged..... nothing.

I heard them on a comp off 625 Thrash awhile ago and they were just one of those bands that stood out to me.

Blistering hardcore with slower riff heavy parts. Vocals that will make your balls drop. Do your homework.

Nice Black Flag cover too.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Extreme Noise Terror - Law of Retaliation

new album from the UK grind outfit. definitely seems like more of a stripped-down throwback sound compared to "Being and Nothing", which is what originally got me into these guys in the first place. they definitely decided to go with more sampled intros this time around, which i'm always a fan of. the intro to "Low Life" especially brings a smile to my face.

i'm running out of descriptive things to say, pretty disappointing for my first post. if you like fucking grind, you probably already know about ENT, and probably already snagged this. keep it brutal.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Freewill "Almost Again"

I don't know a whole lot about Freewill as a band. I found out about them a year or so ago on the Dag Nasty website, I know they're from Southern California, and gigged around the SoCal area from 1988, up until their breakup. I would tell you when that was, but any info on this band is hard to come by, it seems. The band is basically an even more melodic, West Coast version of Dag Nasty. I don't know how Dischord missed out on putting this out, to be honest.

Originally, this was supposed to be released on Wishingwell Records as an LP. For whatever reason, while plates, and I believe even test pressings were made, the record never saw the light of day. Somewhere along the line, German label Lost & Found records acquired and bootlegged the album on CD. With Lost & Found being based in Germany, they don't have the best distro, so even on CD this is still a difficult find.

A great release for any melodic hardcore fan, especially fans of Dag Nasty who will probably love this. "Disappear Here" is the standout track on here, without a doubt.


Anodyne/Keelhaul Split 7"

This 7" was put out in around 2002. If you don't know these bands by now, shame on you.

Keelhaul is Cleveland fucking legend, man. Most of you who read this are from Ohio. Get into it. This song has guest vocals from Joe from Craw, another great band.

Anodyne was a band that started out in Boston, and ended up in New York, with a vast catalogue of releases on labels such as Level Plane, Escape Artist, Alone Records, and a slew of others. Abrasive "noise core?" I guess people called it. It's all metal to me. They do a Throbbing Gristle Cover on this.

This is still available from the label who put it out. It's only 3 fucking dollars. If you liked it and want to make a better rip of it than I did, GO FUCKING BUY IT.

Dude Love.

Rye Wolves - Oceans of Delicate Rain

RYE WOLVES hail from the murky depths of the southern Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA. 'Oceans of Delicate Rain' is their first full length recording and showcases the band's extraordinary talents at songwriting and musicianship across all that is heavy. From canyons of psyched out doom into stratospheric bottom heavy spacerock, RYE WOLVES traverse a globe swathed in oceans of discordant metal and mountains of math rock.
Being only three strong, RYE WOLVES is truly a group effort with all members equally contributing to the crushing audio barrage. RYE WOLVES are one of those rare bands who manage to both challenge and entertain the listener by turns. From the ferocious opener 'Frank Miller' to the subtle menace of 'Blood Moon' and on to the epic 11 minute plus 'No Matter' that closes the album, RYE WOLVES bring a mixed palette of the ultra heavy with complex and demanding sounds and time signatures, and a living breathing vitality of essence.
With mastering duties provided by audio genius James Plotkin, 'Oceans of Delicate Rain' shreds speakers and buries nations under its epic, monumental sound.

This has been on repeat for me all day. One of the top releases for 2008. Think Pelican if they made better, heavier music and had really fucking awesome vocals (case in point, track 3: Precipice).



Sunday, December 14, 2008

House On Fire "Demo EP"

House On Fire were a really great punk band from Gainesville, Florida. The band featured members of Discount, Panthro U.K. United 13, The Draft, Army of Ponch, and Unitas. Basically, the lineup was a No Idea Records fan's wet dream. I got this demo from the guy who was doing The Draft's Merch when I saw them. It's 6 tracks of super solid hardcore punk rock. Oh also, the singer of this band, Alex Ulloa, formed Black Cougar Shock Unit not longer after House On Fire's breakup. Reccomended for fans of stuff that doesn't suck.


Boyracer "More Songs About Frustration And Self Hate"

I think this was the first Boyracer LP. I'm too lazy to go check, though. A great indie/pop/punk band that started out in the UK, disbanded, then reformed with a whole new line up at the beginning of the decade and is now based in Arizona or something? Heard some of the newer tunes on their myspace, but I like these way more. Here you go. As always, if you like it, buy it.

Donkey Lips.

Capitalist Casualties / Hellnation [Split] [2008]

Eleven years in the making, a monument to all-out meltdown thrash. Nine political hardcore blasts from Capitalist Casualties (first recording in 9 years) on the Iraq war, environmental destruction and a fish. Twelve brand new, carpet bombing detonations from Kentucky bastards Hellnation: annihilating, catchy and relentlessly pissed off.

1. Capitalist Casualties - Drainage Ditch
2. Capitalist Casualties - Suicide Mission
3. Capitalist Casualties - Irukandji
4. Capitalist Casualties - Selfish Parochialism
5. Capitalist Casualties - Golden Handshake
6. Capitalist Casualties - Deferment
7. Capitalist Casualties - Striations
8. Capitalist Casualties - Corporate Retreat
9. Capitalist Casualties - Trenchant Analysis
10. Hellnation - War Report
11. Hellnation - Stabbed To Death
12. Hellnation - Bought & Sold
13. Hellnation - No Life Left
14. Hellnation - Terms Of Surrender
15. Hellnation - In Ruins
16. Hellnation - Initiation Rites
17. Hellnation - Cop Rock
18. Hellnation - Mission Accomplished
19. Hellnation - Heroic Denial
20. Hellnation - Turn For The Worse
21. Hellnation - Can't Start Over