Sunday, March 29, 2009

mix tape madness

on the board,, someone came up with the idea to do a mix and keep it at an hour's length. I thought this was a awesome idea and was way stoked to break out my record player and start up on a mix.

this is one file. an hour long mp3 of a mixture of songs of some 7"s i found laying around. hope you enjoy. leave some feedback.

1. Blue Oyster Cult
2. The Vindictives
3. Scared of Chaka
4. Crimpshrine
5. F.Y.P
6. The Gain
7. Fun Size
8. Hot Water Music
9. Clairmel
10. J-Church
11. Alligator gun
12. Compound Red
13. Wolfie
14. Lifetime
15. Karate for Kids
16. Vanbuilderass
17. Jawbreaker
18. Moment


Jason said...

The only time ever that Blue Oyster Cult and the Vindictives will be side by side on a comp.


Rye said...

dude that BOC song rules and you know it!