Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hex Machine - Mas Omen

Ok, so I totally stole this link from the fine people over at Elementary Revolt. If you haven't visited this blog, please do... they have a fine collection of music there.

Hex Machine are a long-running project out of Virginia.. noise rock filth of the highest caliber. I know right now there’s a small current of bands that are championing the AmRep sound, and I’m happy about that. Though I think Hex Machine might win the title for hitting it square between the eyes, what with it’s early 90’s feedback-laden, fuzzy recording. The early Today Is the Day screeches and howls, seething vocals and tortured rhythms are most noticeable. The pounding fuzz of old Hammerhead records beat to shit acting as a conduit for Hex machine’s playing, and their daily worship at the alter of Halo Of Flies... it’s all there. They eat Guzzard for breakfast and shit out The Cows at the end of the day. And for all that I applaud them. It’s a bitter, pissed off listen that hurts in a good way. Somewhere Tom Hazelmeyer is shooting off a rifle in their honor. (thanks fellas at Elementary Revolt for this. It may be one of my newer favorite albums.)


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