Monday, April 13, 2009

Sicko - You Can Feel the Love In This Room

With this new craze of "pop-punk" underway, I figured I'd post something from my golden days. Saw these guys at the old Speak In Tongues in Cleveland and they put on a really fun show. They were a 3 piece out of Seattle and rarely got out of the city. They just bring out a side of me that remembers when times were simpler, less cautious, and more fun. This is their first record, and while it may not be their most polished, it is my favorite.




Arthur Rambo said...

Sicko were awesome. They were one of my favorite bands to see when I first started going to shows back in Jr High. Thanks for this

Dead Town said...

I was at that show at Speak in Tongues too. Man, they had that killer pop-love song 'Little Star'. I remember being on the list for that gig... it was the first time I ever got to use that card AND I was on one of my first dates. Oh those memories.